Merry Christmas, y’all!

If I have any regular followers, I apologize for my lack of recent posts. I have been in the midst of a blackout and staying warm was a big priority.

Anyway, it’s Christmas and all is well. I’m wishing you a warm, safe, and happy Christmas.

You’re beautiful, don’t ever forget that.


CUTE ALERT: 3 year old girl plays piano with dad

This video surfaced on Reddit earlier today, and it’s fantastic.

The holiday season is a time to get together with family, forget your troubles, and enjoy the company. What better way to enjoy yourself than play piano with adorable three-year-old daughter? For me, this was my dad and me playing catch in the backyard or playing 21 on the driveway.

The best part of this adorable moment is that it is filmed and will be available for the rest of her life. When she’s dating, this video will surface and embarrass her. When she comes back from college, this video will be there to remind her about the importance of family. When she has her own kids, this video will teach her how to be an exceptional parent. Finally, when she’s much older, this video will help her remember how amazing the man was who raised her.

Have a good Thursday, y’all.