South African Alcohol Ad Warms Heart

This is the sweetest thing on the Internet. In two minutes we are taken on a journey of a father who has had to lived with the burden of illiteracy his entire life. To create a story, he must have started working early in life in hopes of providing more for his son than he ever had. As his son developed into a successful writer, the father is again reminded of his own shortcomings.

The commercial takes the viewer through the education of the father–him playing Scrabble with friends, reading Archie comics, and writing risqué notes to his wife with his soup. He even gets a gold star–and we should all remember how rewarding that feeling is. But that extrinsic reward is trumped by the intrinsic motivation to make his son proud. As a parent, teacher, or coach it is one thing to be proud of your children; it’s a wholly different experience when they proud of you–there’s no feeling like it.

I know it’s an ad for alcohol, and that’s not always good. But when the ad is responsible and heart-warming, more leeway is appropriate. Also, this ad says you should only drink this alcohol as a reward for doing something incredible in your life. So please drink responsibly, and when warranted.


Arnold Schwarzenegger promotes after-school health with funny video

So what does a former movie star, governor, and body builder do with his free time? Well, create a viral video to promote his charitable pursuits, of course! Arnold decided to wear a horrible disguise to the famed Gold’s Gym in Venice, California. With a moustache and wig, Arnold–known badass–turned into Howard Kleiner–also pretty badass. He did the video in a effort to promote both physical fitness and the After-School All-Stars program.

From the looks of it, the After-School All-Stars program is pretty admirable. As an aspiring teacher, I know the risks for students who live in rough neighbourhoods, especially those without anything to do after school. When these kids are at school, you’re able to provide the support and assistance they need. But once that bell rings, they’re out of your hands, and that’s when trouble lurks it head. What the After-School All-Stars program does is provide ” free programs that include academic support, enrichment opportunities, and health/fitness activities”. Gosh, how perfect. Love, love, love it.

So by donating to this wonderful program, what do you get? How about the simple satisfaction of helping youths in inner-city areas? Oh, is that not enough? Well how about an opportunity to ride a TANK with Arnold!? That’s right, by donating to the After-School All-Stars program, you enter a raffle to win a day with Arnold–a day filled with tanks, work outs, and cigars! I mean, what else could you possibly ask for!?

Wu Tang Clan’s ASL translator at Bonaroo

If you ever questioned whether the Wu Tang Clan was the best thing ever, question no more. Not only are they the greatest rap group of all time (sorry, G-Unit), but also they bring an American Sign Language translator to all their concerts! That’s right, they understand how incredible they are and they want everyone to experience it!

They went to Bonaroo this past year and did all of 36 Chambers, which is one of my favourite albums of all time. Holy, I wish I was there. This only makes me yearn for the experience even more. Next time they’re in town, don’t you dare miss out, despite your impairments. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had described hearing for the blind: “several black men pace back in forth energetically. Still pacing. Throwing their hands in the air, like they just don’t care.”

TGIF, y’all!

How to be a superhero

Here are two teenagers trying to make a difference. Coming from a man whose moniker is Captain Overpants, I empathize with how easy it is to become a superhero: just change your internet name to a satire of another known superhero and there you go!

Nah, what these guys do is accessible enough for anyone. They used their part-time job money, or allowance, towards the betterment of society. That’s always nice.

Do something to put a smile on someone’s face today. Then put on a cape, put your underwear over your pants, and change you name to “______(wo)man”.

You’re a star, don’t you ever forget it.

A How To Guide: how not to be a jerk

Remember those stupid “shit ______ says”? You know, it started off pretty funny, but then deteriorated when everyone started to made them, just to get cheap views? Yeah, those ones.

Well, this video might as well be called, “things to say if you want to pretend to be Canadian”. I was on the subway once, stepped on someone’s foot, and  THAT person apologized. He apologized for having his foot in the way of my clumsy walking path! Only in Canada.

Now, let me dissect the video a bit–but not too much, because it’s amazing.

Nos 18 and 11 : I love corn dogs. I wish, just once in my life, a friend would bring me a corn dog. Hopefully, this Friday. Also, love his Oprah impression while he mimics distributing the corn dogs.

No. 14: “I’ve got barbecue sauce on my shirt too.” Gosh, you know how often I get insecure about getting BBQ sauce on my white skinny jeans? It would most certainly be comforting to know that I’m not the only this happens to. No? No one else gets BBQ sauce on their white skinny jeans from American Apparel? Really? Oh…

No 10: “I don’t know.” Perfect.

No. 7: “My sports team is not always the best sports team.” I know how this feels.

No. 5: *Fart noise* HECK YEAH! I do this all the time–not with my hand and mouth, but with my butt.

No. 2: “Life is tough, but so are you.” That’s a perfect place to stop this unnecessary analysis.

How about you say something nice today?

Post Script: For those who have never seen this little guy before, here he is being amazing in the video that really shot him off into the stratosphere of amazing incredibleness.


Bonus Post: Mumford and Sons pair with Stringer Bell

I know I am late for this, but this is Mumford and Son’s video for Lover of the Light. It was directed by the impeccable Idris Elba (AKA Stringer Bell and John Luther, two of the most badass characters in television history).

I was never a big fan of Mumford and Sons, but after watching probably my favourite current actor star in and direct their music video, I am starting to change my tune (hah, music puns).

Simply for loosely including The Wire and Luther, I give it an 11 out of 7.