Conan’s comedy stand up: Chris Fairbanks

Conan has started using his own show as a jumping off point for many new comedians trying to get some recognition. Just like many comedians would get famous from Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show. Somewhere over the years, it stopped being so, and gigs on late night shows were given to many alternative rock bands trying to get famous by sounding like everyone else.

Maybe it’s because Conan couldn’t get the music acts worth while, or maybe it’s because he’s a fan of comedy. Either way, this is Chris Fairbanks using dry humour to wet our pants. Very good stuff. Look out for him to tip you over while you’re suffering from shits and giggles in a portapotty.


Fight Club without Brad Pitt

If you haven’t seen Fight Club yet, you’re doing yourself a disservice. It’s an incredible movie. Okay, after having saying that I don’t care about spoiling it for you weirdos who have not yet seen it. At the end, it turns out that Brad Pitt is just a alternate personality that is created by Edward Norton’s psyche. Edward suffers from dissociative identity disorder (DID), coupled with insomnia and paranoid schizophrenia. It’s crazy. So it turns out all the scenes with Brad Pitt don’t include Brad Pitt at all; it’s just Edward Norton talking to himself. Told you it was crazy.

What happens in this video is some clever fan decided to redo one of the pivotal scenes from the movie talking out the alternate personality/delusion of Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt). It’s cool, it’s short, and it’s kewl.

The genius behind (half of) The Chappelle Show

Grantland is great and so is Neal Brennan. My high school years were filled with references to the Chappelle Show. Whether it was getting a paycheque and yelling out “I’m rich, bitch!” or saying in a Dylan voice “It’s crazy“, the Chappelle Show was the reference of choice. My buddies and I would get together in basements and watch the complete second season on DVD (remember those?). It was the best of times. I remember being crushed when word hit that Dave left the show, fleeing to Africa. After seeing the “Pixie” sketch that made him leave, I could understand; you can’t go against your own integrity.

It wasn’t for a while that I realized who Neal Brennan was. Upon further research, I realized that Chappelle Show was half his baby; I can’t imagine how crushed he was when Dave left. In recent years, I started looking out for him more–and even saw in live in Toronto. He was incredible. The race jokes were off the charts. Despite what he says, he’s quite the genius.

Parody time: Breaking Bad as a romantic comedy

If you follow this blog at all, you know how much I love me a good parody–or well, a well done series of cuts to make something it is not. Also, parodies are always fun.

So here is the most talked about show of 2013, Breaking Bad, redone as a trailer for a tacky romantic comedy. Judd Apatow just saw this and can’t wait to make it thirty minutes longer than it needs to be. After watching the show, it still seems a bit too dark, but I’m sure Mr Apatow can find a role for Seth Rogan to make it more light-hearted (maybe a whacky half brother!?)

Anyway, have a great Wednesday, y’all. I love you for following my writing.

Muppets movie win the internet

Muppets Most Wanted is the new Muppets movie. This is their teaser trailer to make some noise about it. Across the internet, they won. They used tweets, instead “movie critics”, to promote their movie. The movie critics often get it wrong, and their opinions usually matter just as much as regular Twitter folk anyway.

The first tweet got it right, “I’ll prolly go see this”. If they’re still this funny and creative, the movie is bound to be decent.

And you wanna know another reason I’m going to see it? Because #YOLO, that’s why.

Breaking Bad getting The Wire treatment

Every time I’d watch Breaking Bad, I would say to myself, “Sure, it’s good. But it’s not as good as The Wire“. Oh man, it’s barely close. The Wire had incredible characters: D’Angelo Barksdale, the gangster stuck between a rock and a hard place; Wallace, the wannabe thug with a heart of gold; Omar Little, the most badass television character ever; and Stringer Bell, the complex, don’t-know-if-you-love-him-or-hate-him gang boss (he was the mastermind, not Avon). I didn’t even mention McNulty, Carver, and the kids from season 4! SHIEEEEEEEEEEEEET!

One of the best parts of The Wire from season to season, was how they would redo the introduction. They would have a new artist sing Steve Earle’s “Way Down in the Hole”, accompanied with a montage of teaser scenes from the upcoming season. It was wonderfully done every time. Every season you would say to yourself, “Hey! That scene was in the introductory montage!” as you watched the episodes. Then, that’d be it–you wouldn’t really dwell on it because it was an incredible dense show.

Now some clever Youtuber has done to the second-best drama, what the best drama did each year. Enjoy all five opening montages of Breaking Bad!