Bench Profiles: The Golden State Warriors’ Ognjen Kuzmic

Ognjen Kuzmic

As some of us know, NBA teams have 15 players per roster. However,  only about 7-10 get to play any given night. That means 8-5 players are on the team for practice purposes only and to get that NBA money–can’t hate on that. Anyway, be prepared to get to know these guys pretty well, one 15th man at a time.

Another international player!

Say hello to Ognjen Kuzmic (pronounced “Og-nen Kooz-mitch”)! Or try to best to even say the name.

Well, there isn’t that much information that I can find on him; so this will probably be a short post. He’s of Bosnian descent, born in Doboj in northern Bosnia. Fun fact about Doboj is that it is the largest national railway junction in all of Bosnia. Crazy, right? Bet you know the name now, right?

Ognjen played six years professionally in Europe, before coming to the NBA. He played in Spain, Finland, and obviously, Bosnia. Man, I wish I had the chance to play professional basketball in Europe. Imagine all the fly hunnies he must have gotten in Spain, Finland, and Bosnia! Especially being a 7’0″ professional athlete! Man, the life of these guys. In his last year in Europe, while playing in Spain, he averaged 6.9 PPG and 5.5 RPG. Not great, but it helped him get into the NBA. So yeah, there’s that.

He was drafted in the second round, 52nd overall, by the Golden State Warriors in 2012. He spent a year over in Spain before coming to the Warriors in 2013–where he averaged those modest numbers mentioned above. He’s stated to make $1.2 million over this season and next. Must be nice. His NBA career has started slowly. In 13 NBA games this season, he has averages of 0.6 PPG, 0.8 RPG, and 0.3 BPG–blistering. His less than stellar play has led him to being sent down to the D-League’s Santa Cruz Warriors, where he is averaging 8.5 PPG, 12.5 RPG, and 0.5 BPG–not bad but it was only two games.

So now that we know not very much about his basketball career, let’s see if social media can shed some light on Ognjen.

Hmm, lemme just scan the internet. Nope. He does not have Twitter or Instagram–or if so, I can’t find them. I have posted the references to him from Twitter though.

 Sweet! On the first day of the season, he threw down his first dunk! AMAZING FUTURE AHEAD!

Ah, crap. Oh well, he’s back now, and playing modestly well in the D-League.

That’s everything I could find on Ognjen Kuzmic. Compared to 99.99% of the population, you’re now an expert on him. Time to impress your friends with the information! Come back next week when I cover the 15th man of the Houston Rockets!

Post Script: Here is Ognjen’s highlight package, set to Niggas in Paris of course.