South African Alcohol Ad Warms Heart

This is the sweetest thing on the Internet. In two minutes we are taken on a journey of a father who has had to lived with the burden of illiteracy his entire life. To create a story, he must have started working early in life in hopes of providing more for his son than he ever had. As his son developed into a successful writer, the father is again reminded of his own shortcomings.

The commercial takes the viewer through the education of the father–him playing Scrabble with friends, reading Archie comics, and writing risqué notes to his wife with his soup. He even gets a gold star–and we should all remember how rewarding that feeling is. But that extrinsic reward is trumped by the intrinsic motivation to make his son proud. As a parent, teacher, or coach it is one thing to be proud of your children; it’s a wholly different experience when they proud of you–there’s no feeling like it.

I know it’s an ad for alcohol, and that’s not always good. But when the ad is responsible and heart-warming, more leeway is appropriate. Also, this ad says you should only drink this alcohol as a reward for doing something incredible in your life. So please drink responsibly, and when warranted.