Shaqtin a Fool: The J.R. Smith edition

If you didn’t already know about it, Shaq has a weekly segment on Inside the NBA where he shows clips of the best blunders of the week. No one has been a biggest blunder in life than J.R. Smith. He was fined $50 000 for “recurring instances of unsportsmanlike conduct“. That is, he was fined more than I’ll make in a year (several years, for that matter) simply for being a knucklehead and untying opponents’ shoes at the free throw line. He does this so the player looks down, and not up, in the case of a rebound. He also does it because he’s a moron. I was talking to an NBA player yesterday (true story) and he hinted that J.R. Smith could be the dumbest person in the NBA. I don’t doubt that.

Yahoo’s Wojnarowski wrote an article yesterday about J.R. Smith (click here). The article reminded me that he went to China to play for the Chinese Basketball Association during the NBA lockout. Being the biggest star to go, he was offered the biggest CBA contract ever: $3 million dollars. But he was a complete asshole; I apologize for the language, but that’s really the only word for him. Here are a couple snippets from the article.

Perhaps his greatest excess of idiocy had been a weekend of running a room service bill into the proximity of $3,000, a source with direct knowledge told Yahoo Sports. He kept ordering food, stacking piles of trays upon trays – “just to see if they would keep bringing it to the room,” the source said.

That’s right: he would pile trays of ordered food for the sake of being an asshole–also he wasn’t paying for, the team was. So he had nothing to lose. I’ve been to China (brag), and I’ve seen the wealth discrepancy. There are mothers and fathers who use their baby children to help them beg for money. There are homeless with visible tumours growing from their bodies begging for enough money to eat a single meal. And here J.R. Smith is making an obscene amount of money, wasting it all away.

But I’m sure he was at least committed to his job and worked his butt off for the team, right?

From unreasonable demands on the kind of car needed to curry him around the city, to skipping practices for shopping excursions in neighboring cities, to a relentless pattern of insubordination, Smith’s bad act had never been worse.

Wrong. He was fined $1 million dollars because he was such a knucklehead. That’s a third of his entire contract! And he went to China just to make money! He blew 33.33% of his contract simply by being a nincompoop!

Ugh, in the final paragraph, Woj puts him and Knicks in their place.

Someday, Smith will make that call to room service – insisting upon more of everything – and there will be no one to answer. J.R. Smith is 28-years old, and it is too late to threaten and punish a spoiled, suburban kid. No trade, no epiphanies, no changes. The Knicks deserve J.R. Smith, and he’ll belong to them until the bitter end.

What a tragic tale of talent being wasted on an idiot, and a sports club willing to enable him.

Whatever TGIF, am I right!?