Conan’s comedy stand up: Chris Fairbanks

Conan has started using his own show as a jumping off point for many new comedians trying to get some recognition. Just like many comedians would get famous from Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show. Somewhere over the years, it stopped being so, and gigs on late night shows were given to many alternative rock bands trying to get famous by sounding like everyone else.

Maybe it’s because Conan couldn’t get the music acts worth while, or maybe it’s because he’s a fan of comedy. Either way, this is Chris Fairbanks using dry humour to wet our pants. Very good stuff. Look out for him to tip you over while you’re suffering from shits and giggles in a portapotty.


Paul Rudd makes recurring joke on Conan

We all remember day we watched “Clueless” for the first time and laid eyes on the heartthrob-to-be Paul Rudd. Okay, so maybe you don’t remember him in that movie–or that movie at all–but he’s in it! Then he was in “Friends” and stole our hearts. I mean, he played the air piano! Then came fame and celebrity, and it was all history from there.

For over 15 years of appearances on Conan’s shows, Paul has kept true to himself and has used the same clip from the horrendous “Mac and Me” to ‘promote’ whatever project he has just completed. It’s a really bad movie, that attempted to leech off the success of Speilberg’s “E.T.”. It wasn’t nearly as critically acclaimed, but it may have been just as entertaining.

Post Script: Here’s the theatrical trailer for the movie “Mac and Me”. It got 0% on Rotten Tomatoes–that’s so bad, you have to watch it!

It’s sponsored by McDonald’s! Enjoy a Big Mac today!