Arnold Schwarzenegger promotes after-school health with funny video

So what does a former movie star, governor, and body builder do with his free time? Well, create a viral video to promote his charitable pursuits, of course! Arnold decided to wear a horrible disguise to the famed Gold’s Gym in Venice, California. With a moustache and wig, Arnold–known badass–turned into Howard Kleiner–also pretty badass. He did the video in a effort to promote both physical fitness and the After-School All-Stars program.

From the looks of it, the After-School All-Stars program is pretty admirable. As an aspiring teacher, I know the risks for students who live in rough neighbourhoods, especially those without anything to do after school. When these kids are at school, you’re able to provide the support and assistance they need. But once that bell rings, they’re out of your hands, and that’s when trouble lurks it head. What the After-School All-Stars program does is provide ”¬†free programs that include academic support, enrichment opportunities, and health/fitness activities”. Gosh, how perfect. Love, love, love it.

So by donating to this wonderful program, what do you get? How about the simple satisfaction of helping youths in inner-city areas? Oh, is that not enough? Well how about an opportunity to ride a TANK with Arnold!? That’s right, by donating to the After-School All-Stars program, you enter a raffle to win a day with Arnold–a day filled with tanks, work outs, and cigars! I mean, what else could you possibly ask for!?