The genius behind (half of) The Chappelle Show

Grantland is great and so is Neal Brennan. My high school years were filled with references to the Chappelle Show. Whether it was getting a paycheque and yelling out “I’m rich, bitch!” or saying in a Dylan voice “It’s crazy“, the Chappelle Show was the reference of choice. My buddies and I would get together in basements and watch the complete second season on DVD (remember those?). It was the best of times. I remember being crushed when word hit that Dave left the show, fleeing to Africa. After seeing the “Pixie” sketch that made him leave, I could understand; you can’t go against your own integrity.

It wasn’t for a while that I realized who Neal Brennan was. Upon further research, I realized that Chappelle Show was half his baby; I can’t imagine how crushed he was when Dave left. In recent years, I started looking out for him more–and even saw in live in Toronto. He was incredible. The race jokes were off the charts. Despite what he says, he’s quite the genius.

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