Sports drink or body wash

Body washes have gotten more and more ridiculous. Take for example, the ads for Axe body wash and Old Spice body wash. They have names like Apollo, Phoenix Revitalizing, Redzone, and Champion. Those have absolutely nothing to do with cleaning your body. However, the ads show how washing yourself with something call “Phoenix Revitalizing” can lead to a hoard of women wanting your penis–or vagina, if you use it too, ladies. In my opinion, “Phoenix Revitalizing” sounds messy and burnt; and the corresponding smells for “messy” and “burnt” don’t seem to attract women–but that’s just my opinion.

Then there are sports drinks. Powerade and Gatorade have made a billions thinking of ridiculous names to market their coloured water (btw, blue is usually the best flavour). These companies throw out drinks with names like Mountain Blast, Gold Rush, Rain, and Shine On. To me, “Mountain Blast” and “Gold Rush” sound like they contain the natural sweat drippings of miners. I’ve never drank the sweat of gold miners–maybe they provide that extra boost to make a shot in the fourth quarter (most likely)–but it doesn’t seem appealing to me.

College Humour has done a nice little video comparing the ridiculousness of the names of body washes and energy drinks. They did a good job. So I posted about it. That’s how blogging works.

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