Breaking Bad getting The Wire treatment

Every time I’d watch Breaking Bad, I would say to myself, “Sure, it’s good. But it’s not as good as The Wire“. Oh man, it’s barely close. The Wire had incredible characters: D’Angelo Barksdale, the gangster stuck between a rock and a hard place; Wallace, the wannabe thug with a heart of gold; Omar Little, the most badass television character ever; and Stringer Bell, the complex, don’t-know-if-you-love-him-or-hate-him gang boss (he was the mastermind, not Avon). I didn’t even mention McNulty, Carver, and the kids from season 4! SHIEEEEEEEEEEEEET!

One of the best parts of The Wire from season to season, was how they would redo the introduction. They would have a new artist sing Steve Earle’s “Way Down in the Hole”, accompanied with a montage of teaser scenes from the upcoming season. It was wonderfully done every time. Every season you would say to yourself, “Hey! That scene was in the introductory montage!” as you watched the episodes. Then, that’d be it–you wouldn’t really dwell on it because it was an incredible dense show.

Now some clever Youtuber has done to the second-best drama, what the best drama did each year. Enjoy all five opening montages of Breaking Bad!

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