Star Trek as Power Rangers

Growing up, I loved the Power Rangers, probably because I couldn’t yet recognize the blatant racism (the Black Ranger being black and the Yellow Ranger being Chinese). I was always waiting for Zordon to teleport me to his lair, where I would receive my cool belt buckle. I wanted to be the Blue Ranger, but conceded that I would probably have to settle for the Yellow Ranger. I was okay with that, as long as my outfit didn’t come with the skirt thing.

Star Trek, on the other hand, I had no interest in. My older brother would come home early from school, just to have control over the TV so he could watch it. Ugh, how I hated that. I just wanted to watch Recess, Hey Arnold!, and Rugrats–is that so much to ask for!? But no, I’d have to sit and watch Star Trek: Voyager. But there was one silver lining: Jeri Ryan. Oh my god, how beautiful was she. Oh man, my prepubescent self is getting excited just thinking of her in her tight maroon outfit.

Ugh, I have to stop. Have a great Tuesday, y’all!

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