Black Wizards: Key and Peele talk about inner-city wizard schools

Why not start 2014 off with a laugh?

I know whenever I watched the Harry Potter movies, I always wondered where the minorities were. Sure, there was Cho Chang, but that’s a lot of caucasian wizards. Made me think that the wizard and witch mutation gene was specific to a population with paler pigmentation.

Allow Key and Peele to introduce you into a new magical world! There are black wizards, and wizardry schools, in inner-city areas. They’re just not well-funded and, let’s say, less magical. Allow the principal of Vincent Clortho Public Wizard School show you around. The janitor is a little rough around the edges, but he has good intentions–I think.

Well, this just goes to show that the wizard and muggle worlds share at least one similarity: the public school system sucks.

Have a great 2014 y’all! I love you all!

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