Kung Fury: The greatest thing of the year.

How much do you miss crappy 80’s graphics? A lot? Great!

It’s new years eve and we have finally found this crappy year’s saving grace! “Kung Fury” is the vision of director David Sandberg. Hs intention for an over-the-top kung fu action comedy is coming to fruition. The story follows Kung Fury–a martial artist law enforcer who is reckless, and finds justice by any means necessary. Especially if those means include travelling back in time to defeat the most evil, diabolical man to ever use kung fu toward his sadistic agenda.

Of course there’s a plot twist: he hacks too much time and enters the era of vikings. There are also dinosaurs. This movie is incredibly bad. Green screens, FTW.

Here is the Kickstarter page for anyone feeling generous! It’s going to be a Kickstarter-ass movie (ugh, my pun game).

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