Bench Profiles: The Chicago Bulls’ Erik Murphy


No, not this Eric Murphy! This Erik Murphy has no entourage–at least not one that I know of.

Now you may be saying, “I watch a lot of basketball, and I have never ever heard of this guy!” I don’t blame you. This is a pretty unsuspecting basketball player.

Lemme explain his basketball story.

He was born into basketball, not literally of course. Both his father and mother played the game professionally: his father for 11 years in the NBA and in Europe and his mother for several years in Europe, even serving six years on Finland’s woman’s national team. The family basketball linkage doesn’t stop there, homie! His little brother, Alex Murphy, plays at Duke–and no, I do not believe he is the Robocop, Alex Murphy.

He went on to play for the University of Florida’s Gators for all four years of eligibility. His senior year averages were 12.2 PPG, 5.5 RPG, and 1.4 APg, while shooting an SEC-best .453 from the three-point line. Those were good enough to earn him First Team All-SEC honours, for the first and only time in his college career.

Sounds like a pretty sweet and cute guy, right? BAD BOY ALERT! In his sophomore year, he was suspended from all basketball-related activities after being arrested for “vehicle burglary“. Meh, who am I to judge?

After his senior year’s success, he was drafted by the Chicago Bulls with the 19th pick of the second round, 49th overall. His career has been moving at a snail’s pace. He owns career averages of 0.0 PPG, 0.3 RPG, and 0.0 APG–at this pace, it’ll take Erik three games to get 90% of a rebound. Math, yo.

What does social media tell us about Erik?

Well, it tells us that he is really misunderstood and has a taste for the unique. First, he likes a TV show that no one likes and one barely anyone even knows!

If that isn’t enough, Erik is the kind of guy who says “no thank you” to the flavour ‘N Sync. Instead, he prefers the Wonder Bread of boy bands:

Now this is where Erik gets really wild. He took time out of his busy summer to explain his diverse taste in unique foods:

So there you have it! Erik Murphy, the 15th man for the Chicago Bulls, likes TV shows everyone likes, prefers bland boy bands, and enjoys bread that is boiled. Sounds so unique–unlike any stereotype for a white basketball player that I’ve ever heard of.

Come back next week when I tackle the 15th man for the Cleveland Cavaliers! It very well could be any player not named Kyrie Irving.

Post Script: There is no highlight package I could find that exceeded half a minute. So here is his draft mixtape; hurrah for unguarded jump shots!

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