Chinese acrobats are good, probably better than you

Here’s a terrific display of the very practical skill of having to flip stacked bowls onto your head, which is already housing many bowls, while riding a unicycle. I know whenever I am at Ikea shopping for bowls while on my unicycle, and my hands are occupied with carrying nothing, I am always having trouble figuring out how to carry more bowls on my head in anticipation of my upcoming dinner party.  I usually have to just settle for the dozen or so bowls already on my head and have to make a second trip to Ikea. Oi, the humanity.

Anyway, this is a very popular NBA halftime show and it’s always incredible. As I’ve mentioned before, children in China may go to schools that specialize in specific skills. Two of the more popular skill-schools are gymnastics and circus training because they open the opportunity for families to make money. All about the Benjamins–or in China, all about the Mao’s (he’s literally on every piece of currency).

Have a great Friday, y’all!

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