Katy Perry covers Jay Z’s ‘Big Pimpin’, fails.

This is a fan video from Katy’s concert where she does a cover of Jay Z’s 1999 hit, Big Pimpin‘, featuring rap group UGK (Undergroud Kingz). For the sample–which includes a wind instrument–Katy decided to bamboozle the crowd and make it look like she knows how to play it!

First, it is ALWAYS awful when someone tries to cover rap songs. To cover a song, that is sung, is one thing: it shows off your voice and your ability to find the same range as some of the talented people on earth. But to cover a rap song, just shows you’re able to rote memorize words and say them quickly. The art of rap music is the ability to recite original poetry laid onto a rhythm. If you are not making your own rap song, DO NOT rap someone else’s song. It’s just not fun to listen to, and you’re just being a thief, so stop.

Well, finally the injustice of mediocre white girls covering famous rap songs hopefully has come to an end. All singers reading this, please do not cover rap songs anymore. Well, there may be a couple exceptions: either sing Drake songs (like Hold On We’re Coming Home) or make up your own versions of Drake songs (like JoJo’s Marvin’s Room).

Please singers, stop it. It’s not cute or funny because you’re not “thug”, it’s just the worst. Stop being the worst.

Post Script:  I know I forgot the bench profile today. That’ll be tomorrow. But to cleanse your eyes and ears, here’s the real song. Have a great Monday, y’all.

I hope you like asses and great music.

One thought on “Katy Perry covers Jay Z’s ‘Big Pimpin’, fails.

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