A How To Guide: how not to be a jerk

Remember those stupid “shit ______ says”? You know, it started off pretty funny, but then deteriorated when everyone started to made them, just to get cheap views? Yeah, those ones.

Well, this video might as well be called, “things to say if you want to pretend to be Canadian”. I was on the subway once, stepped on someone’s foot, and  THAT person apologized. He apologized for having his foot in the way of my clumsy walking path! Only in Canada.

Now, let me dissect the video a bit–but not too much, because it’s amazing.

Nos 18 and 11 : I love corn dogs. I wish, just once in my life, a friend would bring me a corn dog. Hopefully, this Friday. Also, love his Oprah impression while he mimics distributing the corn dogs.

No. 14: “I’ve got barbecue sauce on my shirt too.” Gosh, you know how often I get insecure about getting BBQ sauce on my white skinny jeans? It would most certainly be comforting to know that I’m not the only this happens to. No? No one else gets BBQ sauce on their white skinny jeans from American Apparel? Really? Oh…

No 10: “I don’t know.” Perfect.

No. 7: “My sports team is not always the best sports team.” I know how this feels.

No. 5: *Fart noise* HECK YEAH! I do this all the time–not with my hand and mouth, but with my butt.

No. 2: “Life is tough, but so are you.” That’s a perfect place to stop this unnecessary analysis.

How about you say something nice today?

Post Script: For those who have never seen this little guy before, here he is being amazing in the video that really shot him off into the stratosphere of amazing incredibleness.


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