Science Saturdays: Farts (teehee)

The more you know, right?

There are so many things we can learn from this video:

1. Nitrogen, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide are the chemical equivalent of a ‘cock-block’.

2. Avoid chewing on gum, eating beans, and drinking pop before going any place you need to be quiet (i.e. funerals, libraries, movie theatres, mime conventions, etc.). Don’t want a loud, but scentless, butt-burp tarnish the image of the great person you are.

3. Avoid meat, eggs, and broccoli before going any place you need wish to be sulfur-free (i.e. first dates, dinner with the girlfriend’s family, open flames, etc.). Don’t want a foul smell exemplifying how awful a person you really are.

4. If you do need to fart during a test, or in class, make sure it’s a loud one–it’s just more considerate. Don’t ever be a jerk.

There you have it! Your burning questions satisfied for another week. Come back next week where we tackle the sophistication of string-theory and its interpretation of evolutionary theory. Hah, yeah right.

Have a great weekend, beautiful people.

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