FORE! Pro Golfer’s Trick Wins Springfield Movie Festival


Chi-Chi Rodriguez up there, doing his thing. He was on a TV show called “The Big Break“–a bunch of rich people get together to try to become rich playing a rich-person’s game. During the show, there’s sometimes a twist where they become poor trying to achieve their dreams. But yeah, expensive things require a lot of equity; of which I have none.

Chi-Chi Rodriguez, on top of having an incredible name, is a Puerto Rican born professional golfer, currently having success on the seniors tour (you know, for the people who retire from playing the game that people play when they retire). He has a pretty cool ‘started from the bottom’ kind of story, if I may indulge.

He was born into a poor family, and  at the age of seven he started to help the family out by working on a sugar plantation. Like many children, he had a knack for wandering. Upon a day of adventure, he stumbled upon a golf course, and realized that being a caddy would make more money for his family than busting his hump on the plantation. So he became employed by the course, and in his spare time would practice his golf game with a tree branch (golf club) and a metal can (golf ball). In a truly Disney-movie-esque type of story, his potential was seen by a golf professional, and he was taken under the wing of Pete Cooper.

He made his first PGA tour appearance in 1960, and has been playing ever since. So, there you go: after having started at the bottom, he is now here–or there, uhm somewhere better than the bottom.

Have a great day, beautiful people.

Post Script: Oh wait, Homer, what do you think of Chi-Chi’s mishap on “The Big Break”?

Post Post Script: Chi-Chi is known for his mildly wild and crazy antics. Here’s a video to prove how mild they are:

I don’t really know what that is. Some sort of old people, dated golf humour. If you enjoyed that, then, … yeah.

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