Sir Nicholas Winton: This Week’s Inspiration

The above clip was from a BBC program, “That’s Life,” in 1988. This post is not going to include the usual sarcasm and jokey jokes. Instead, I am trying to spread the news of Sir Nicholas Winton, because I feel like it is a good thing to do.

Winton was born in Hampstead, England on May 19, 1909, to originally German-Jewish parents. Due to the turmoil many European Jews were experiencing, the family converted to Christianity, and Winton was baptized.

In 1938, a year before the onset of World War 2, Winton forewent his vacation and instead travelled to Prague, Czechoslovakia. It is there where he first assisted in the care of Jewish families at risk of being caught and tormented by Nazi officers. This provided him the evidence he needed to continue saving these, almost, helpless individuals.

He noticed an opportunity before the start of the Second World War (September 1, 1939), to help bring many Jewish children to Britain as refugees. He helped in an operation known as the “Czech Kindertransport”, which transferred Jewish youth (under 17 years old) from Germany, through the Netherlands, to Britain. He worked with his mother to relocate 669 young refugees. The supposed final trip included 250 children, but unfortunately were unable to make a new home in England as they were captured by invading Nazis, signalling the start of World War Two.

After serving in the war, he kept what he did quiet until that clip in 1988, made him a world-recognized hero. For almost 50 years, he remained relatively anonymous, not taking credit for more than serving in the war like thousands of others. He has since been recognized by being Knighted in 2002, receiving the Pride of Britain Award for Lifetime Achievement in 2003, and even having a planet–that’s right a PLANET–named after him in 1988.

He is now 104, still alive and inspiring.

I hope this inspired you to do some good today.

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