Kindness Winning in Soccer

Geez, aren’t untied shoelaces the worst? Also, aren’t big gloves and mitts the worst? Lastly, aren’t jerks the worst?

Combine all three and you have the video above–kinda. In this Saudi Arabian soccer league game from a week ago, between Al-Nahda and Al-Ittihad, the Al-Nahda goalkeeper’s shoelaces become untied right before he must kick the ball really far (this is the technical soccer term, trust me). But there’s a twist: goalkeepers wear super thick gloves–probably to stick the landing after saves like this. So, what happened was a super kind showing of sportsmanship. In order to ‘help a brother out’, the Al-Ittihad striker comes in to save the day by bending down and looping, scooping, and pulling the laces together. D’aw right? Nothing can ruin this moment, right?


The referee called the keeper for delaying the game and taking too much time to kick the ball really far–not allowing the kind display of human decency to overrule soccer practices. Here’s a google image search of the referee, if you’re interested (please be interested). The whistle by Lord V. awarded Al-Ittihad a free kick just inside the big white box/keeper’s personal space zone. As retaliation to referee Tom Riddle’s ridiculous call, the Al-Ittihad striker kicked the ball out of bounds, instead of shooting. Gosh, right?

In a final display of teamwork and friendship, the game ended in a draw.

Hurrah for friendship 🙂

Post Script: Hat tip to Deadspin, again.

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