Meet Kevin Laue, Your Inspiration for the Day

First, imagine being born without a limb. Then, imagine losing your father at the age of 10. On top of that, you love a sport, but no one is willing to give you a shot (hah, puns). Finally, when you are given your shot, your body fails you.

Hm, and you thought midterm season was rough.

This is Kevin Laue, a Californian kid born in the best year ever. While in the womb, survival instincts protected Kevin from dying in utero, as fetus Kevin used his left arm as a wedge between the umbilical cord and his neck, around which it was wrapped twice. Although it saved his life, is cut off circulation to his left arm, and thus it stopped developing. He was born April 13, 1990 with one right arm and one left stump (which he calls “the Nub”).

Seems pretty rough right? Well, when life took away lemons from Kevin, he said “take some more!” He refused to wear a prosthetic arm, chose against soccer, and insisted on only wearing shoes with laces. Also, he chose to play a game where “FORCE HIM LEFT” means, make the player use his left hand–you know, the one he doesn’t have.

His journey, of course, wasn’t easy. As a 6’7″ seventh grader, his school wouldn’t even give him a tryout. His mother had to enrol him into a cross-town school so Kevin may finally get his chance. The coach not only gave him a tryout, but also put Kevin on the varsity team. His story blew up, and during his senior year he was averaging 10 PPG, 9 RPG, and 11 BPG (!!! THOSE ARE BLOCKS!).

But of course, his story becomes tragic again. During his wondrous senior year, his leg breaks and his scholarship offers begin to vanish. Undeterred, he takes a fifth year of high school and gets a scholarship offer to Manhattan College, a Division I NCAA school (a big deal): dreams delivered, no doubt.

He finished school with a 3.5 GPA and is now working with the United Nations, speaking on behalf of disabled persons, and also makes himself available as a motivational speaker.

Oh and for the ladies, he only wishes he had a left hand for one thing: a wedding ring. Whatta dream, eh?

Post Script: For more, read this incredible 2007 Sports Illustrated article–pay attention for a heartwarming shark story.

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