Drake’s ‘Worst Behaviour’ Video: A Family Affair

Memphis is the reason that my rhyming and my speech slow.

City is Mine (Comeback Season mixtape)

Many of us may know that Drake’s father is black, and that he is a jazz musician, and that he is from Memphis, Tennessee. But, do you know what he looks like? Also, do you know what kind of bright-coloured tuxedo he likes to wear? Lastly, do you know whether he has a killer moustache or not? These are questions obviously weighing on your brain. Luckily for us, Drake will answer them through interpretive dance–I mean, a music video!

The “Worst Behavior” video starts with Aubrey’s father, Dennis Graham, and his band playing in the famed Willie Mitchell’s Royal Studios–known to have produced music for artists such as Otis Redding, Tina Turner, My Morning Jacket, Al Green, and many others. As the song starts, the video cuts to a montage of Memphis. But when the beat drops, the answers start to come! First, Dennis looks like an older Drake, but with better dance moves. Second, it’s a white-coloured tuxedo with gold jewellery accents that he likes to rock. And lastly, yes, he does have a killer moustache.

Papa Drake starts to lip-sync the vulgar lyrics of the first verse, making Dennis a menace (sorry). He recites such doozies as, “fuckers never loved us,” “Your shit’s like the police asking questions / n****, we don’t know shit!” and “N****, I’m just flexing”–done with a very mean flex (probably for interpretive dance sake). His scene ends with a synchronized drink amongst buddies. I give his performance a ten out of ten.

Then we see Dennis Graham go back in time as a younger version of himself–wait a minute! That’s just regular Drake in oversized clothing! This part’s okay. I do like the the Tupac “Keep Ya Head Up” video shout out though at 2:35ish. Kudos to Drake for “real recognizing real”–whatever that means.

Then the best part of the video: a songless comedy bit featuring Drake’s closest friends, or ‘fam’ as they say in the streets. It includes real brothers Juicy J and Project Pat (who took time from poppin’ their collars to make a cameo), and Drake’s longtime friends “OB” (for O’Brien) and Ryan Silverstein. I have listed my favourite parts below:

1. OB is dressed in an adult owl costume.

2. OB calls Project Pat “Patty Cakes”.

3. Juicy J saying, “shut the fuck up!” with spirit fingers.

4. Ryan handing OB a phone, just to answer another phone.

5. The subtle handshake between OB and Juicy J.

6. Drake apparently going in on a “scrimp scrampy dish”.

7. Juicy J’s reaction to “literally put my blood, sweat and tears into this”.

8. The entire goodbye sequence.

9. Ryan’s heavenly moustache and OB’s beard combing.

10. Unsweet Tea’s pimp hand.

After the clowning around ends, and the music restarts, it’s just a lot of Drake and co. vibing out to the music.

When the third verse comes, Drake seems to be leading some sort of parade through the streets of Memphis. Cool beans. The parade route goes through a busker fest, a karaoke bar, and a night club specializing in black lights.

LOL at Drake’s hat saying “Menace II Society”, which is a great movie. He’s thought of everything.

The video ends with a Marvel-superhero-movie-esque teaser for his next video: From Time featuring Jhené Aiko. It’s a goodie!

Verdict: I give it an eleven out of seven.

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